Jonesville Park Renovations!

Jan 12, 2024 | Academy, Camps, Competitive, News, Tournaments, YSI

We are extremely excited to announce the Alachua County Parks Department has begun an extensive renovation project at Jonesville Soccer Park that will solidify our home facility as the premier youth sports venue in the area!

You most likely have noticed the new paint job, gutters, and sign at the soccer pavilion. Ryegrass was also planted in November to give the fields a burst of life this winter. The renovations will continue this spring, as Field 2 and Field 3 will be closed down, tilled, laser lined, and resodded.

The County knows the grass at Jonesville is five years past its life expectancy, and has a plan to replace all six fields in the near future. They are working with our GSA senior staff to complete the project in phases, so our programming can continue with as few limitations as possible.

We are even pushing for a Stadium Field design on Field 1, with a two-story bathroom and pressbox building, stadium seating, scoreboard, and AV system. The County is excited about the idea of having a showcase venue for premier competitive, high school, and semi-pro matches!

With only four fields this spring instead of six, all of our programs will need to be flexible as we compensate for limited space. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Additionally, the County has asked that we remind our parents that dogs are not permitted inside the fenced-in area at Jonesville Park. We appreciate your support here, as well.

It is definitely an exciting time for us at GSA and Jonesville Soccer Park! With the renovations being done at Jonesville Park, and the program improvements underway in our Competitive, Academy, and YSI@GSA programs, GSA will further solidify itself as The Home for Soccer Excellence in Gainesville!