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The Competitive Program

The Gainesville Soccer Alliance Competitive Program is comprised of competitive players ages 8 through 18.

Every year hundreds of the most promising youth soccer players in the area are chosen to represent the Gainesville Soccer Alliance (GSA) on our competitive teams.

These teams are trained year-round by the most experienced soccer coaching staff in Gainesville. A rich curriculum of technical instruction and tactical awareness is designed for both individual growth and team success.

2024-2025 Season Tryouts

Registration to try out for our 2024-2025 Competitive Program is OPEN! Tryouts will be held May 1, 2, 6, and 7 at Jonesville Soccer Park. We ask all interested to pre-register by following the link button below.

2024 Competitive Tryout Schedule

All three sessions include BOTH girls and boys.


Session 1: 5:30 – 6:30

2016 – u09

2015 – u10

2014 – u11

2013 – u12


Session 2: 7:00 – 8:00

2012 – u13

2011 – u14

2010 – u15

2009 – u16


Session 3: 8:00 – 9:00

2008 – u17

2007 – u18

2006 – u19

Program Mission Statement

The GSA Competitive Program promotes the advancement of competitive youth soccer in the greater Gainesville area. This shall be achieved through the development and retention of outstanding soccer players using licensed coaches, professional instruction, a rich, technical-based curriculum, and partnerships with outstanding leagues and tournaments. Players will be taught a commitment to sportsmanship, teamwork, and personal development. Soccer will be the basis for teaching honor, integrity, cooperation, commitment and good will through victory and defeat. Finally, it is our hope that each player develops a passion for the game that provides him or her with a lifetime of playing, watching and loving soccer.


Boys and Girls
Ages 8 through 18


August through May


Season Overview

Competitive Program players are rostered for an entire year. The practice and game season typically begins in July/August and runs through May/June. Most teams take a winter break, from late November early January (high school aged teams break from late October to early February).

Our GSA Competitive Staff works hard to make sure that our teams are able to play in the best youth travel leagues in the area. Teams will also compete in various tournaments (typically two to four) throughout the course of the year. How many and which ones will vary from team to team.

Teams will train three days a week at Jonesville Soccer Park. Days and times will also vary from team to team. The Club also offers extra training sessions such as goalkeeper training, advanced sessions with our staff coaches, and winter/spring break/summer camps.

Practice Days and Times

Practice days and times will vary from team to team, but most teams train three days a week during the season.


Gainesville Soccer Alliance
Jonesville Soccer Complex
3401 NW 143rd Street
Gainesville, FL 32606


Competitive roster positions are filled on a tryout basis only.


All of our competitive teams are assigned a coach for the entire year.

Our staff is the strongest and deepest in the area, with experienced trainers who have played the game at high levels and/or hold various National licenses and certifications.

To improve the quality of their craft and better serve our players, continuing coaching education is both encouraged and funded.


 $1,399 to $1,999/year

While other clubs collect additional money throughout the season for regular programming, our fees cover ALL club and team expenses for the entire year (August through May). This money goes towards the payment of coaches, field fees for training and games, all league and association dues, all club overhead costs, maintenance and development of Jonesville Park, all assigned tournaments, coach and player insurance, etc.

Uniform, personal travel expenses, and a few possible add-on events will be an additional charge.

We do offer need-based scholarship assistance, merit-based scholarships, as well as a banner sponsorship program that can help with costs.


2024 GSA Competitive Tryouts!

2024 GSA Competitive Tryouts!

GSA stands as the Home for Soccer Excellence in Gainesville! With Competitive Director Kerri Hanks Petersen back for her second year and Jonesville Soccer Park launching a two-million dollar refurbishing project, the promise of even greater achievements at GSA is...

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GSA and PlayMetrics!

GSA and PlayMetrics!

We are extremely proud to announce that the Gainesville Soccer Alliance is partnering with PlayMetrics, the premier club management platform in the Country, for the 2024-2025 season!  Joining large-market clubs like Florida Elite, FKK, and many others, GSA is moving...

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New 5v5 Tournament at GSA!

New 5v5 Tournament at GSA!

5v5 Soccer and GSA are extremely proud to announce a new open-registration annual tournament in Gainesville early this summer! 5v5 tournaments are taking Florida by storm! With fast-paced action and registration open to players of all ages and ability levels, people...

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Coerver Summer Camps!

Coerver Summer Camps!

Back by popular demand, the Coerver Soccer School camp professionals are returning to Gainesville for the 10th time to offer three separate camps. Their First Skills Camp is for players ages 4 to 6, their Play Like the Stars Camp is designed for players ages 7 to 16,...

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Jonesville Park Renovations!

Jonesville Park Renovations!

We are extremely excited to announce the Alachua County Parks Department has begun an extensive renovation project at Jonesville Soccer Park that will solidify our home facility as the premier youth sports venue in the area! You most likely have noticed the new paint...

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GSA Merch Website Open!

GSA Merch Website Open!

We have partnered with Campus Customs to bring our families a NEW merch website just in time for holiday shopping! Follow the link below to get your new GSA gear!

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Together we care for our patients and our communities.
Together we create unstoppable momentum.

Competitive Teams & Coaches:

2023-2024 Senior Girls Teams

Team lists and contact emails to be posted soon.

2023-2024 Senior Boys Teams

Team lists and contact emails to be posted soon.

2023-2024 Junior Teams

Team lists and contact emails to be posted soon.

GSA Competitive Director

Kerri Hanks Petersen

Competitive Program Director








Matt Carcaba

Our family has been a part of GSA’s competitive soccer program for the last 6-years.  We currently have 2 kids playing and they enjoy every minute of it.  They not only enjoy the coaching and skills they receive from the GSA Staff, but the friendship and camaraderie they have with their teammates.  The kids spend a lot of time together and have built some lasting friendships that will be there long after their soccer playing days are over.

Michelle Massias

We have done Academy for a year and weren’t ready for the next level which includes travel on many weekends. So grateful that GSA had the foresight to add the “Select” program! We still get intense, great coaching, it’s just one more day a week and only a couple of tournaments that are day trips if need be. My girl loves the training and gets excited she gets a taste of the tournaments or what the next level will be like but just more. A perfect balance and we couldn’t be happier.

Heather & Jayson Francis

In 2017, we joined the Gainesville Soccer Alliance following the recommendation of other families that had transitioned into the program in years past.  What we found within GSA was a welcoming yet challenging environment that focused on the technical and tactical aspects of the game, all the while fostering a deeper appreciation and love for the sport.  In addition to team play and fieldwork, the staff at GSA facilitated specialized goalkeeper training, which has resulted in a significant performance increase in our son.  Not only has he received consistent, high level of training from multiple coaches within the program, but participation within the club has also yielded a network of friends amongst the children and parents that now feels like an extension of our family.