GSA Competitive Program

Established in 1995 as the Gainesville Select Soccer Club, the GSA Competitive Program has fielded over 400 teams and developed over 6,000 players in its 27 years with the club!

GSA Academy Recreational Program

Established in 2010, the GSA Academy Rcreational Program has fielded over 550 teams and developed over 4,500 players in its 12 years with the club!

YSI@GSA Recreational Program

Established in 1974 and brought under the GSA programming umbrella in 2015, the YSI@GSA Recreational Program has fielded over 500 teams and developed over 7,000 players in its 7 years with the club!

GSA TOPSoccer Program

Established in 2006, the GSA TOPSoccer Program has provided programming for over 500 players with special needs in its 16 years with the club!

Years of competitive soccer

Competitive Players

Years of Recreational Soccer

Recreational Players