From DOC 4/12/2017



GSA Players and Parents,

I am pleased to announce that Clay County soccer club and the United Soccer Alliance (USA) have asked our club to be a part of the DA girls’ soccer program (US Soccer Developmental Academy). USA was one of six clubs awarded the DA in all of Florida. We were approached by them because of our focus on developing players and proven success over the years. This is a huge honor and this will be a pathway for the top girls in our club to advance to a higher level. We have had a lot of players go onto ODP and ECNL, other high level programs, but the DA will be the highest level of youth play US soccer offers.

The 2017-18 year will be the inaugural year of the girls’ DA. In addition to the opportunities to our players, the alliance with USA will also allow GSA coaches to be a part of the DA staff and use the resources US soccer offers (and will allow for some training to be in Gainesville). We are hopeful that this is just the beginning of our relationship with a DA program, and that the boys will be added in the near future.

The alliance with USA means that we have a direct path to develop players and support their opportunity to reach the highest level of youth soccer. While we know that the DA program is not for everyone, the additional programming we can now offer to those who have the ability and desire to reach that pinnacle is very exciting. We are hoping that this will someday have an impact on a GSA player playing for our country.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.


Ron Messick GSA DOC