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Competitive/Travel Teams

GSA Parents and Players,

Hopefully by now you have heard from your team manager about the upcoming season. The coaches have been meeting and had clinic in preparation of the new season. We are excited about the staff we have and are working hard to make the best experience for your child.

Below are some important dates:

Week of Aug. 3
All Region B teams begin training

  • U18, U17, U15 boys
  • U18, U16, girls

Week of Aug. 17
Preseason Camp All teams

  • M/W Boys 5:30-7:30 ( Monday parent meeting boys teams)
  • T/Th Girls 5:30-7:30( Tuesday parent meeting girls teams)

Week of Aug. 24
Training Begins schedule below:

Boys Girls
U9 5:30-7:30 M/W U10 5:30-7:30 T/Th
U10 5:30-7:30 M/W U11 Blue 5:30-7:30 M/Th
U11 5:30-7:30 M/W U11 Orange 5:30-7:30 T/Th
U12 5:30-7:30 T/Th U12 5:30-7:30 T/Th
U13 6:30-8:30 M/T/Th U13 5:00-7:00 M/T/Th
U15 6:00-8:00 M/T/Th U14 6:00-8:00 M/T/Th
U16 4:30-6:30 M/W/Th U15 6:00-8:00 M/T/Th
U17 4:30-6:30 M/W/Th U16 4:30-6:30 M/W/Th
U18 4:30-6:30 M/W/Th U18 4:30-6:30 M/W/Th

At this time you should be ordering your uniform and practice shirts. We will have a bunch of practice shirts in stock for sale in the concession stand the week of preseason camp.

Every player will be required to wear training shirts this season.

  • M/Th players will wear orange training shirt.
  • T/W players will wear blue training shirt.

As you notice we will train for two hours and first half hour is dedicated to speed and agility with warm up this is NOT optional, players are expected to be there.

If you have any questions please email Alan (

Thank you.

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