Academy – Parental Tips & Guidelines

To insure we have a safe and productive season, please abide by the following guidelines, which include mandatory Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA), directives to coaches and parents:

  1. Hydration – Please make sure your child has plenty to drink.
  2. Ball – Bring an appropriate sized ball (size 4) to every session.  Be sure it is pumped-up and has your child’s name written on it.
  3. Shin-guards – To be worn at all times, under socks.
  4. Jewelry – Please refrain from wearing jewelry if possible.  Jewelry can sometimes injure players.
  5. Casts – Players are not allowed to play with hard casts.
  6. Uniforms – Wear orange or blue to every practice.  The team jersey, along with black shorts and socks, should be worn to games.
  7. Sportsmanship – Be a good sport and refrain from unacceptable behavior and encourage the children.  Do not put undue pressure on them.
  8. Coaching – Do not coach from the sideline.  Let the coaches do their jobs.  What you are saying and what the coach is telling the players to do may be different.  Players get confused when they are hearing two different things!
  9. Refereeing – We may not agree with every call a referee makes.  They are doing their best.  Please refrain from telling them what to do.
  10. Fun – Everyone at GSA is here to have fun, the players, coaches, parents, referees and spectators, so act appropriately and do not spoil the party.

Please act responsibly whenever you’re at the club and encourage all of the players, even those on the other team, during competition. If we all work together, with the same goal in mind, then every child will be successful.  Don’t forget it’s their game, not yours.

The goal of FYSA is to unlock the game in every child.  A key to our success is your support.


Aimee Womack
Academy Director
Gainesville Soccer Alliance